Our Story

Fortuna Major represents fortune that is derived from inner strength and vitality. It is associated with self-mastery, competence and the flow towards fortunate outcomes.


Fortuna Major Co. was conceptualized out of a love for magic, tarot and the mysticism of the realms that lay just beyond our peripheral vision.
From an early age, flames always appeared as art. I can still remember being entranced by the flickering dance of flames and feeling something deep inside of me dance with them. Flames spur memories of the past, visions of the future, and clarity in the present for all of us.
When I was about 10 years old, I picked up a tarot deck from a "witchy" store. Instantly I felt a pull, like a rope tied to my gut. I had no idea why at the time, but I knew I just had to have them. A child's intuition maybe? I begged my mom to buy them, a pendulum and a little Black Book called "The Witches Bible." She begrudgingly agreed and we were off. The moment I opened the deck, I felt that same sensation I would feel when I stared into a candle flame. 
These cards weren't meant to be fortune tellers, but with them I felt comfort and a sense of knowing. In a life of constant upheaval and frequent pain, this little practice I had in secret was a solace. 
It is a relationship I still hold dear to my heart to this day. 
The breath of life. From religious and spiritual practices to sustaining life, candles/flames have been essential to society from the beginning. 
I believe we all feel drawn to the flame as it awakens the ancestral power that we have lost connection to through the ages. They hold the power of intention, the stories passed through generations, and the ability to bridge the gap between light and dark. 
What better way for me to share a little of my own personal magic than combining two elements of my world, tarot and fire, am I right?
I literally "pour" my heart and soul and all of the love I have into these candles with the hope that they bring you clarity, insight, and cleansing. (Let's be honest, a candle while in the bath? You're cleansing your soul.)
Set intentions, breathe and let dwelling and new ideas come to light. 
Fire. Cleanse. Clear. Repeat.


Fortuna Major Co. uses products that are vegan and phthalate-free. Our wax is domestic and our wicks are lead/zinc free cotton. All of the products we carry are produced, tested, packed, and shipped in Raleigh, NC.